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Santino Coppa

Coach Santino Coppa is particularly recognized in the world of women’s basketball. He is famous for having founded the Priolo club in 1970, and led the team, known as Libertas Trogylos Basket, to success in two Italian Serie A championships and to the title of EuroLeague champions in 1989-1990. His influence on women’s basketball is notable, having dedicated the majority of his career to coaching and developing female talent.

Most recently, Santino Coppa took on the role of coach of the Malta women’s national team, leading the team to significant improvements and success in international competitions. His experience and tactical skills have had a notable impact on the Maltese team, guiding them to promising results in various international tournaments.

Santino Coppa is also known for his contributions in training new coaches, including his sons, one of whom followed in his footsteps in coaching, further expanding the Coppa family’s influence in international basketball.