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Gabriele Alesse

Gabriele Alesse starts coaching in Ottavia Basketball where in 5 years he wins the Allievi and U21 regional titles. In 2007 the Toti family took him to Virtus Roma and in 6 years both as head coach and as assistant he won 7 regional titles and participated in 5 national finals. He is also assistant in A1 and leads the Lazio men’s team to the Bulgheroni trophy. He was then chosen by the Maltese federation as head coach of the U14 – U16 – U18 national teams and in 2014 he won the gold medal at the European U16 division C, while in 2015 he won the bronze medal. He returns to Italy as head of the youth sector of Virtus Roma and then moves to San Raffaele Roma where he wins 4 championships and participates in 2 national finals. He is also called in Trani where he brings the first team back to the playoffs after several years. He is currently head coach in C Silver and U20 at La Salle Roma.