The NBC Camps is the most important "training school" (with 43 years of history, having been founded in 1971) of young basketball players / and from 8 to 18 years, and is present in the USA, Austria, Canada, Thailand , United Kingdom and Italy. Like every year, in our country, for the ninth consecutive time, the summer camp will be held in Castel di Sangro, from June 29 to July 5 pv. In those days they will come to "visit us" American coaches and Hellenic, including wring Theodoros Asteriadis, Greek Champion in 1992 with PAOK Thessaloniki, company of which, now, is the youth team coach. During the decades, they attended boys / girls from countries like Bahrain, Brazil, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Denmark, Georgia, Haiti, Lebanon, FYROM (commonly known as Macedonia), Morocco, Montenegro, Norway, Portugal, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia , Spain, Sudan (when he was still a nation divided in two as now), Sweden, Turkey, Ukraine (long before Russia could recover the Crimea) and Vietnam. If you are a young talent of our basketball and looking for the right opportunity to promote yourself, your search is over. You can not miss the NBC Camp of Castel di Sangro, from June 29 to July 5, 2014.

Interviewed the President of NBC Camps Italy, Timos Philippou, has "made clear" on the next edition of the summer camp which, as usual, will be held in Castel di Sangro. This year the day will go from June 29th to July 5th. When asked who will be the coaches present he replied "I confirm that will Theodoros Asteriadis, champion of Greece in 1992 with PAOK Thessaloniki and finalist, with the same company, the Cup Winners Cup, as well as European Champion with the Greek National Youth. Among there will also be other Kendra Holland-Corn, American, winning two WNBA titles and a championship in Italy with the shirt of Napoli. " Speaking of the current situation of our basketball and what the regions (and their companies) "called into question", the reply was that "Right now, the level of youth basketball in Italy is quite good but, just as in football, young talents are struggling to emerge, due to the presence of foreign players. i want to conclude by saying that the Italian regions will be involved but, as everyone knows, our gaze is always turned to the rest of the world. This year, on the ground Abruzzo, there "will accompany" athletes / and United States, and Greek Cypriots. Anyone interested, or just not want to know more, is invited to visit the site (, or Facebook page (NBC Camps Italy ). "

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