Castel di Sangro . For the second consecutive year , Castel di Sangro has hosted the NBC Basketball Camp . For seven days the athletes were followed by qualified instructors and Italian Americans sharing with young people around the world their passion for the ball to spicchi.Sono were about 100 young people involved in the latest Sangrina experience , who have trained on the seven fields basketball . Among the protagonists of the campus , not & egrave ; gone unnoticed by the presence of Willow Palin , daughter of the governor of Alaska , Sarah Palin .

The coach Fred Crowell , founder of NBC Camp , expressed great satisfaction for the second Sangrino internships , ensuring the presence of his staff again next summer, when there will be four basketball campus thanks to the collaboration of Timos Philippou , President of NBC Camps Italy . " In favor of the choice to come to our sports organizations of the mentioned cities , " says Deputy Mayor Angelo Caruso , " they have certainly played the impeccable organization of the retreat experience before and the game last year , but also the quality of accommodation ."(c.l.)

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