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Do not miss the departure for the NBC Tour, a project involving many children in our region, selected for a wonderful journey of basketball in the United States through the network NBC Camp. Basketincontro that supports this initiative, the first in the history of Italian, so he had a chat with the project manager, Timos Philippou (pictured with Holland Corn and Adamoli), well-known face in basketball Roman, who speaks to us precisely of this initiative .



The initiative of the tour as it is born?

It all started with the desire expressed by many athletes and coaches who have attended our camps to visit the American NBC Camps. Let us remember that NBC Camps is the largest residential camp in the world and that only in the United States runs every summer about 60 camps in 8 different states. Well we're going to visit three of these states.

Tell us about the steps and initiatives which involve children enrolled

Surely our tour will be an education. As I said before we will visit three states, namely Washington, Oregon and California. We frequenteremo some of the best NBC Camps where there will be an high technical content and each participant will have the opportunity to learn and improve His game under the guidance of qualified coaches NBC. Finally there will be the opportunity to face against the local selections chosen by the American organization.

Vintages that are involved?

Vintages taken at the time are mainly those of 1991, 1992, 1993 with the possibility of some "out of quota".

Can you give us a list of the guys already registered?

For reasons of privacy I prefer not to name names (because the selections are not finished at all) but I can indicate that there are male and female players of the company Virtus Roma, Eurobasket, Stella Azzura, Alpha Omega, Future City, Fortitudo Pomezia, Athena Basketball Acilia and Basketball. Our coaches will Briscese Max (male selection) and Angela Adamoli (female selection).

In Lazio, the tour is well known, but also from other regions will have arrived requests for participation?

Indeed we have received requests for participation from other regions still remaining that the original idea for this 1st NBC Camps USA tour was to bring a selection of Lazio.

Two words on the face in pink: Kendra Holland Corn

Kendra Holland-Corn as well as being our ambassador in pink will be with us in the States as a technical consultant. Kedra is a great player (just think of the two WNBA titles and also won the title last year with Phard Napoli) but even more is a person of extraordinary human qualities and we are happy to have her in our "team".

Basketball Rome and Lazio is booming, you believe that the level of the tour will be that it can play interesting challenges even overseas?

Yes, it is true that basketball Rome and Lazio is in a phase of strong growth (just think of the last trophy of the Regions) and therefore definitely the level of the Tour will be suited to the challenges we face overseas. I would like however to point out that what we love more is the quality of the technical work and the experiences that accumulate the boys from their participation in American camps.

Schools of Italian youth basketball have produced many talents, but the pattern is always the former Yugoslavia. What separates us?

From my point of view, what separates us from the Slavic model is what I call "hungry for basketball." I do not think that the Italian school youth basketball is less tecnicamenta from Slavic. The difference lies in the determination of the young player to emerge Slavic and of course the increased possibility to participate in (and play) at the national championships notwithstanding their great culture and passion for basketball.

It is the first time that such a tour is organized by Italy, who has helped in the organization of such an ambitious project?

I confirm that it is the first time that such a tour is organized by Italy and everything is based on our direct collaboration with the 'American NBC Camps. Fred Crowell, who is the Founder and President of 'NBC Camps is taking care personally of our tour and this hints at the importance of our project.

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