"Swiss technology enters our camps! Important partnership agreement between NBC Camps Italia and NOENE Italia Noene technology was created more than 25 years ago and today the Noene anti-shock insoles and insoles offer high-tech joint protection at any time of the day: the Noene® beds absorb and disperse the shock waves generated in the foot impact of the soil, which the traditional insoles do not do.This function guarantees a constant protection to our joints, avoiding the occurrence of microtraumas which in the long run cause inflammation and stress fractures, unique in their category, in the world, to have the recognition of Class 1 Medical Device"



Club Contacts EN

Addres: Viale Dei Promontori 426
00122 Roma , Italia

Phone: +39 06-5662646

Fax: 06 5692868

Cell-Phone: +39 347-3311516 

Email: timos@nbccamps.it

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