TEACHING Love is the greatest motivational tool in the possession of the coach who sincerely want to encourage their athletes to achieve the highest possible level of performance.
The great coaches see their players for what they do right now, but what we can become through work. As a result of this philosophy, the players become really the best person that their coach sees in them.

TEACHING Teaching is not to say things. Look how to perform a skill is not as profitable to try to perform the skills required. Our system is to show briefly the specific skills to teach. Divide the skill in working sections easily repeatable. Practice specific sections of work. Try the new skills in real speed and competitive situation.

ENCOURAGEMENT Research studies show that encouragement is the best way to motivate. In the NBC Camps we focus on what athletes do best and we encourage them to do more. Encourage means literally build courage in the soul of someone. Our coaches do their best to instill in athletes dare to believe in themselves.

CORRECTION Encouragement is useless without correction. We work hard in correcting our athletes promoting the ability to self-correct. All skills are taught by making sure that athletes know how to recognize what does not work and know how to correct it. Once the athletes know what we expect from them, we ask them to work on self-correction.


Athletic Work
INDIVIDUAL SKILLS camp to "BASIC", they will learn:
  • Ball-handling techniques
  • Movements of attack off the dribble
  • Movements of attack from the triple threat
  • Mastery in the techniques of shooting
  • defensive skills
  • Pass with precision
  • Move without the ball to unmark
  • Court movement and use of space
  • Secrets to win rebounds
  • Fundamental collaborative offensive and defensive
  • Teamwork.

A typical day


8.30: presentation at camp
8.45 / 9.30: ball handling
9.30 / 11.00: instructions "live" on the fundamentals
11.00 / 12.30: Tournament 3 c. 3-5 c. 5
13.00 / 14.00: Lunch
14.00 / 15.30 and relaxation "discussion time"
15.45 / 17:15: instructions "live" on the fundamentals
17.15 / 18:45: tournaments and competitions
19.00: term day


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Email: timos@nbccamps.it

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